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Reflections in Time: Interview with William Gerbracht,1985

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00:02:41 - Born and raised in South Dakota and Omaha and went into the service after graduation. 00:03:33 - What the university was like when he came to OU. 00:05:10 - The size of the university when he came to OU. 00:06:00 - “The Shack” and the many functions of the building. 00:07:24 - Tuition rates when he was a student. 00:07:47 - The G.I. Bill and other programs that had an effect on the university and the nation. 00:09:39 - Academic career at OU. 00:10:30 - How and why he began to work at OU. 00:11:53 - The job market in Omaha when he graduated from OU. 00:12:44 - Memorable people at the university; mentions University of Omaha President Roland Haynes and Professors Leslie Garlough (Biology), Claude Thompson (Business Administration), William Thompson (Psychology), and William Waite (Teacher Education). 00:14:17 - The size of the faculty and student body during his early years at OU. 00:15:32 - Characteristics of the OU student body. 00:17:22 - How the student body changed during the mid-1960s. 00:17:47 - How the smaller size and active involvement affected the university in the 1940s and 1950s. 00:20:46 - The political turmoil during the 1960s and how it affected the country and the university. 00:22:27 - The OU student body during the 1950s and the effect of the Bootstrapper Program. 00:26:03 - Third job at OU was as Director of Conferences and Workshops in the Adult Education Department; mentions Professor Don Emery. 00:27:05 - Fundraising for the Conference Center. 00:28:27 - Groups that the Conference Center worked with. 00:30:00 - UNO dedication to adult education and attachment to southwestern Iowa. 00:32:06 - Transitioning from Director of Conferences and Workshops and moving to Director of Placement; mentions Jack Woods and OU President Milo Bail. 00:33:12 - What he liked about the Director of Placement position and what the job entailed. 00:35:15 - Director of Student Activities and the Director of the Student Center. 00:35:43 - How the student body was changing during the 1960s and the many student demonstrations that took place. 00:38:01 - The decline of student involvement on campus and the difficult student atmosphere during the 1960s. 00:39:47 - The sit-in in the office of UNO Chancellor Kirk Naylor. 00:41:38 - Events in the Student Center when he was director. 00:43:08 - Funding of the Student Center and new developments at the university when it was being built. 00:44:00 - Student Center rules and regulations. 00:45:09 - Memories and opinions of OU President Milo Bail. 00:48:00 - Problems with student involvement and school spirit after the Vietnam War. 00:49:06 - Moving to the financial aid office in 1965 and the difficulties with funding at that time; mentions President Milo Bail and his retirement. 00:51:06 - Reflecting on the months Leland Traywick was President of the University of Omaha. 00:52:37 - The financial aid office and his job responsibilities. 00:54:03 - Transitioning to the position as the Associate Dean of Students. 00:54:25 - The merger between Omaha University and the University of Nebraska. 00:56:11 - Memories and opinions of Professor Kirk Naylor and his years as University of Omaha President and UNO Chancellor 00:57:35 - Working with Don Pflasterer, Dean of Students, during a period of change at the university; mentions Professor Vic Blackwell (Art) and UNO Chancellor Ronald Roskens. 00:58:56 - Transferring to the Office of the Registrar in 1972 and opinions about the changes at the university during that time. 01:00:53 - Memorable people from UNO over the years, including Roland Haynes, Milo Bail, Leland Traywick, Vic Blackwell, Ronald Roskens, Herbert Garfinkle, Dean William Thompson (Arts & Sciences), Dean Robert Harper (Arts & Sciences), Dean Carl Helmstadter (Applied Arts), Dean John Lucas (Business), and Dean Frank Gorman (Education). 01:03:19 - Predictions for the future of UNO. 01:04:19 - Thank you and conclusion.