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Reflections in Time: Interview with Tom Bragg, 2004

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00:00:00 - Introduction to the project and Tom Bragg. 00:02:04 - Grew up in a military family. Lived in San Francisco and graduated from California State Polytech University with a degree in Business. 00:03:23 - Served five years in the military following college. 00:03:55 - Discovered an interest in ecology while serving in Vietnam. 00:04:22 - Received graduate degrees from Kansas State University. 00:05:56 - Doctoral dissertation concentrated on post -fire fieldwork and studying plants that bloomed as a result. 00:07:00 - Distantly related to Confederate General Braxton Bragg of the Civil War era. 00:08:36 - Came to UNO after graduating from Kansas State; mentioned Ted Barkler. 00:10:08 - Discussion about Allwine Hall, which was a new structure when Bragg arrived at UNO. Mentioned UNO Chancellors Del Weber, and Nancy Belck. 00:12:00 - How the student body has changed during Professor Bragg’s years at UNO: the average age of students and nontraditional students. 00:13:40 - Night or evening teaching experiences. 00:14:24 - The growth of the biology department when the chemistry moved out of Allwine Hall. 00:15:45 - What the curriculum was like when Bragg came to UNO. 00:16:50 - An explanation of UNO biotechnology and environmental Biology. Mentioned Professors John McCarty and Roger Sharpe. 00:19:00 - Cooperation with the University of Nebraska Medical Center. 00:20:04 - Recently was appointed as the UNO Vice Chancellor of Research; description of that job. 00:21:11 - The success of research and grants received in recent years and an explanation of how a grant works. 00:23:01 - Discussed the staff in the UNO Office of Sponsored Programs and Research and their job descriptions; mentions Mary Laura Farnham and Nancy Schlesiger. 00:25:29 - How faculty can discover grants in their discipline and learn how to write grant proposals. 00:27:51 - Diversity in the disciplines represented in the funding and grant applications that come through the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research . 00:29:14 - Differences between grants and contracts and the UNO involvement with contracts. 00:30:30 - Description of the Nebraska Research Initiative and UNO involvement. 00:31:42 - Discussed federal proposals and UNO involvement through the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research . 00:32:03 - Technological advancement at UNO over the years and how it affects grant writing and research. 00:34:00 - Research at the Alwine Prairie Preserve. 00:36:54 - Use of the Alwine Prairie Preserve as an educational site. 00:37:45 - Expansion and preservation of the Alwine Prairie Preserve, including a description of the Glacier Creek Project. 00:41:19 - The process of beginning research at the Alwine Prairie Preserve. 00:43:08 - The benefits of fire and how fire may affect a landscape. 00:45:19 - The amount of pyrotechnics research in the grasslands and prairie. 00:45:57 - Discussed his involvement with a research project in Western Australia. 00:47:10 - Discussed the move to his new position as the Dean of Graduate Studies and his responsibilities in this position. 00:50:13 - Coordinating with the University of Nebraska System. 00:51:01 - Involvement with the Executive Graduate Council. 00:52:23 - Involvement with graduate programs. 00:53:00 - The role of a faculty member as a teacher, researcher, and service provider. 00:54:33 - Bragg’s service in different organizations throughout his career. 00:56:16 - Plans for retirement and maintenance of the Alwine Prairie Preserve. 00:57:35 - Thank you and conclusion.