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Reflections in Time: Interview with Mark Rousseau, 2006

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00:00:00 - Introduction to the project and Mark Rousseau. 00:02:11 - Overview of career at UNO as a professor and department chairman of Sociology, beginning in 1968. 00:03:03 - Grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana 00:04:31 - College at Indiana University and got a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Sociology. 00:05:35 - How he became interested in sociology. 00:07:31 - Graduate program in Medical Sociology in North Carolina and how he decided on his degree and school. 00:09:47 - Segregation in North Carolina and involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. 00:10:45 - Vietnam War era and participation in protesting the war. 00:11:22 - Came to UNO in 1968 while he was working on his dissertation, which he finished in 1971. 00:13:04 - Recruited to come to University of Nebraska Omaha. 00:14:48 - First impressions of the University: much smaller than his previous colleges, little landscape 00:15:42 - The department of Sociology of that time, hired by Wayne Wheeler, but the chair was George Helling. 00:17:15 - They describe 1968 as a year of growth for the university. 00:17:48 - Meeting the Regents in 1968 and Edward Schwartzkopf offered to buy him a haircut. 00:18:36 - A story of breaking the rule of having books in the dining room of the cafeteria. 00:19:47 - The curriculum in sociology when he started compared to the late 2000s. 00:22:35 - Rousseau’s role as a department chair in sociology, mentions first Sociology department chair (Dr. T. Earl Sullenger) and Ken Route, speaks to the diversity of the department. 00:27:15 - Major challenges of his position as department chair for 13 years. 00:29:55 - Major rewards of the department chair position: focus on growth of the department. 00:33:10 - Summer institute programs and being a “Francophonie” (French speaking person). 00:34:36 - Interest and studies in French society and culture and working with Dylan Wiley at Harvard to go to France to study regionalism in 1982. 00:36:18 - Meeting Ray Zorisky and writing a book together on regionalism and regional evolution. 00:37:03 - Quebec Summer Seminar and summer research on the separatist movement in Quebec, Canada. 00:38:47 - Francophonie Organization and work with Jody Neathery - Castro in language politics. 00:41:22 - Newton and Rousseau discuss their rafting trip in the Grand Canyon and Rousseau’s interest in golfing. 00:42:10 - Rousseau’s most interesting research projects: separatist movements in Quebec, Francophonie organization. 00:46:23 - Finding time and motivation to do research and be involved in activities at UNO. 00:48:04 - Membership on the Dean’s Advisory Committee. 00:49:48 - Time and commitment that are required to be a college professor and to be successful in the academic environment. 00:50:42 - Major significant changes in the university: growth physically and intellectually. 00:52:17 - Prominent faculty members of the years: Bernie Kolasa, Elvira Garcia, Scott Hunt, and Sociology department secretary Sophie Katz. 00:56:35 - Prominent former students: Gale Miller. 00:57:00 - Thank you and conclusion.