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Reflections in Time: Interview with George Barger,1988

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00:01:45 - Family History 00:02:23 - Early education; graduated from high school in 1941. 00:03:23 - Accident on a farm in high school; met his wife in the hospital. 00:04:08 - Early work history, including work with the Omaha symphony as a trombonist. 00:05:05 - Recollections of Omaha. 00:05:35 - Air Force training and service. 00:08:15 - Entered the Christian ministry as a theology student. 00:09:38 - The G I Bill paid for his A.B. in 1948, B.D. in 1950, and M.A. in 1952 from Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. 00:10:20 - Accepted a position as a pastor in Ann Arbor, MI, and began coursework for his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. 00:10:50 - Moved to Maryville, MO, and completed his doctorate at the University of Missouri in 1965. 00:11:24 - Listed his children’s birth years and their influence on his decision to teach. 00:12:15 - Accepted a teaching position at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, IL. 00:13:05 - Taught courses in Sociology, compared teaching to delivering a sermon. 00:13:45 - Hired by Omaha University in 1967 by George Helling. 00:15:00 - Bill was passed to merge OU with the University of Nebraska system. 00:15:55 - Associate professor in Sociology; listed faculty in department. 00:16:55 - Elected Chair of Sociology department. Faculty and size of student population. 00:17:50 - Described teacher course loads when he stepped down as chair of the department in 1978. 00:18:10 - The location of the Sociology Department changed as new buildings were constructed. 00:19:30 - Curriculum changes and courses he taught during his career. 00:21:15 - Former OU Professor of Sociology T. Earl Sullenger gave his personal library to the department. 00:21:45 - Served on committees to create KVNO radio and merge the College of Continuing Studies with the College of Public Affairs & Community Service. 00:22:30 - Described first CPACS Dean Hubert Locke, Ralph Wardle, and A. Stanley Trickett, chair of the History Department. 00:24:40 - New construction improved campus but classrooms were still traditional. 00:26:15 - Student profiles during his career. 00:26:50 - Bootstrap program and the Vietnam War. 00:27:50 - Described women and older students. 00:28:30 - International students program during the 1960s. 00:30:05 - Student unrest on campus. 00:31:00 - As a commuter campus the focus was more on work than school; campus lacked student activities. 00:35:05 - Positive and negative effects of the transition from Omaha University to the University of Nebra ska at Omaha. 00:41:10 - Secretary Sophie Katz. 00:43:05 - He would like to see the campus become more personable and increase student involvement. 00:44:30 - Reinstitute the faculty dining room. 00:45:50 - Memorable people included Chancellors Ronald Roskens and Del Weber, the sociology faculty, Ralph Wardle, Orville Menard, Jane Kempf, Don Pflasterer, and T. Earl Sullenger. 00:50:10 - Duties as an Episcopal priest. 00:51:45 - Played in a brass trio with Professors Bob Woody and Evan Brown. 00:54:10 - Qualities of a good teacher. 00:56:20 - Impact OU and UNO had on his life.