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Reflections in Time: Interview with Carl Camp, 2000

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00:02:00 - Hired at UNO in June of 1967 and retired in 1999; discussed positions held. 00:03:12 - Early childhood on a farm in southern Arkansas. Attended college, earning a bachelor’s in business administration from Southern State College. 00:05:04 - Earned master’s degree from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. Worked as a research assistant with the community service survey merging city and county governments around Saint Louis. 00:07:15 - Left Washington University as “all-but-dissertation.” First teaching positions were at Sophie Newcomb College in New Orleans and Tampa University in Tampa, Florida. 00:08:45 - Completed Ph.D. in 1965. Taught at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, MO, and Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY. Left Kentucky because of politics within the department. 00:10:00 - Received letter from Professor David Scott, chair of the Municipal University of Omaha Political Science Department, about a position at OU and interviewed for the job in 1967. First impressions of Nebraska. 00:12:05 - Discussed the merger of the Municipal University of Omaha with the University of Nebraska system. 00:12:40 - Municipal University of Omaha campus consisted of five buildings, including Quonset Huts and white limestone parking lots with parking meters. The university Field House, home to the basketball squad, had a dirt floor, which was underwhelming coming from Western Kentucky where basketball was very important. 00:14:05 - Discussed differences between UNO and other universities, including large number of active-duty military students in the Bootstrapper program. 00:16:00 - First time taught Asian politics and the Bootstrapper students. 00:17:34 - Military students and their performance in class. 00:18:30 - Memories of parking at UNO. 00:20:18 - UNO was nicknamed “West Dodge High” because curriculum was mostly undergraduate. Political Science Professor John Farr created the political science graduate program. 00:21:35 - Strengths of the Political Science department. 00:23:54 - Political Science department split after the OU/NU merger and the creation of the College of Public Affairs and Community Service. 00:25:50 - Relationships among faculty members. 00:28:00 - Taught evening classes at UNO and off -campus classes at Offutt Air Force Base. 00:30:00 - Faculty list. 00:31:28 - Co-founded the Third World Studies Conference in 1977. 00:34:12 - Created a major in international studies focused on landlocked countries. 00:37:00 - Served as president of the UNO Faculty Senate four times. 00:40:20 - Memorable events that stand out at UNO include rapid change and Vietnam War protests. 00:42:30 - Creation of the student grievance committee. 00:44:45 - Served on the grievance committee and led the study to investigate faculty salaries. 00:47:15 - Early sit-ins at UNO. Camp suggested creating an ombudsman position. 00:49:00 - American Association of University Professors (AAUP) overview and 1983 collective bargaining negotiations. 00:53:30 - Discussed university roles, UNO Chancellor Del Weber, and university staff - members. 00:56:47 - Discussed retirement; enjoying the freedom in his schedule.