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Omaha Folklore Project: Interview with Daniel R. Gruenig

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00:00:02 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: The following is an interview between Mr. Daniel Gruenig and Barb Gruenig...

00:00:09 - A Cigar Salesman

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Partial Transcript: You've lived in Omaha all your life haven't you?

Segment Synopsis: Daniel Gruenig explains how his father came to Omaha and set up shop.

Keywords: Burns Station; Cigar; Darmstadt, Germany; Europe; Farmhouse; Fort Crook; Fort Omaha; Gold; Omaha; Parents; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Rent; Store; Wagon; Wisconsin

00:04:05 - A Grocery Store Meeting

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Partial Transcript: Well how did your mother get to Omaha?

Segment Synopsis: Daniel Gruenig describes how his mother came to Omaha and where she met his father.

Keywords: Children; Covered Wagon; England; Grocery Store; Married; Omaha; Salt Lake; Seventh Day Adventists; Wisconsin

00:05:41 - Omaha Layout

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Partial Transcript: Where did you live?

Segment Synopsis: Daniel Gruenig describes the ethic and business parts of Omaha that he remembers.

Keywords: Business District; Ethnic; German; Home; Italian; Polish; Population; Store; Swedish

00:08:18 - A Little Background

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Partial Transcript: What was your employment?

Segment Synopsis: Daniel Gruenig talks about his career and when he got married.

Keywords: Air Force Base; Army; Fort Crook; Fort Omaha; Married; Real Estate; SAC Headquarters

00:09:16 - Transportation

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Partial Transcript: When did you get your first car?

Segment Synopsis: Daniel Gruenig talks about traveling in one of the first cars and how public transportation evolved in Omaha.

Keywords: B35; Buggy; Buick; Bus; Cable Car; Car; Cart; Cost; Dirt; Electric Street Car; Fire Department; Gravel; Highway Six; Horse; Horse Car; Lincoln Highway; Nickle; Police Department; Rail; Road; Touring; Travel; Wagon

00:13:26 - Volunteer Fire Department and the Tornado of 1913

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Partial Transcript: Well they had public transportation, did they have a fire or police...

Segment Synopsis: Daniel Gruenig talks about the police and fire departments and some of the politics behind the city of Omaha. He also talks about the tornado of 1913.

Keywords: 1913; Benson; City Council; Dundee; Elect; Fire Department; Fire Station; Firetruck; Florence; Foot Policemen; Hose; Mayor; Police Department; Pull Cart; South Omaha; Tornado; Volunteer Fire Department

00:19:04 - Riot, Fire, Lynching

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Partial Transcript: Do you remember anything about the lynching of Mayor Smith in 1919?

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Gruenig talks about the riot at the courthouse in 1919. He had been down there for a little bit but had left when a shot was fired.

Keywords: Courthouse; Crowd; Fire; Fireman; Gasoline; Lamppost; Lynch; Mayor; Mob; Omaha National Bank; Rape; Riot; Shot; Smith

00:25:40 - Omaha in the Depression

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Partial Transcript: How did the... how was Omaha and how were you affected...

Segment Synopsis: Mr. Gruenig feels that some of the government plans helped but that the Depression really just slowed down the growth of Omaha.

Keywords: Bank; Eat; Foreclose; Industry; New Deal; Railroad; WPA