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Omaha Folklore Project: Interview with Staff Sergeant Myan

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00:00:01 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Dave Conley.

Segment Synopsis: Conley introduces himself and Staff Sergeant Myan.

Keywords: Army; Infantry; Oral interview; Sergeant; Staff Sergeant; Vietnam War

00:00:43 - Personal Opinion of the Vietnam War

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Partial Transcript: There's a saying "No war is a good war." What do you think...

Segment Synopsis: Myan feels the war was a "farce" since war was never officially declared.

Keywords: Casualties; Conflict; Declared; Economy; End; Military; Nixon; Political; Politician; Reason

00:03:49 - Conley's brother

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Partial Transcript: My brother went over there and he was there for two years...

Segment Synopsis: Conley brings up his brother and Myan feels that more is owed to those that went to Vietnam.

Keywords: Brother; Helicopter; Memories; Psychiatry; Psychological

00:04:45 - Whose the Enemy?

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Partial Transcript: Okay, another question, the My Lai Massacre...

Segment Synopsis: Myan talks about the difficulties in knowing your enemy.

Keywords: Captain; Conflict; Enemies; Hooch; Kill; My Lai Massacre; Uniform; VC; Village

00:05:58 - Politics and POW's

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Partial Transcript: Get back to politics, the whole war was politics...

Segment Synopsis: Myan can't pin the war on any one person and then he talks about POW's.

Keywords: Beg; Campaign; Fault; Force; French; Kennedy; Left; McGovern; Nixon; POW

00:08:59 - Movie Industry is making money.

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Partial Transcript: Okay, to change the subject, recently there's been a lot of movies about the Vietnam War....

Segment Synopsis: Conely askes Myan about a couple movies, both of which, Myan hasn't seen, and Myan states that movies are all about making money not about being historically correct.

Keywords: Apocalypse Now; Clothes; Crazy; Deer Hunter; Industry; Movies; Psychologically; Village

00:11:45 - No Comment

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Partial Transcript: If you've got time, I'd ask your opinion on the Iranian Crisis.

Segment Synopsis: Conley touches on the subject of the Iranian Crisis but Myan is not in a position to give a response.

Keywords: Iranian Crisis; No Comment

00:12:02 - The American Flag, the Draft, and a Brother

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Partial Transcript: Okay, last question. How did the Vietnam War affect you?

Segment Synopsis: Myan states that the burning of the American flag bothers him the most out of everything done in the anti-war protests. He also mentions the draft. Conley talks about his family and ends on the subject of his brother.

Keywords: American Flag; Brother; Burn; Conflict; Draft; Draft Cards; Dream; Family; Flag; Free; French; Government; Helicopter; Military; Protest; Shot