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Omaha Folklore Project: Interview with Leo (Koja ?)

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00:00:11 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: Interviewing Leo (Koja) in the Vietnam War. How old were you when you went in the war?

Segment Synopsis: Leo gives some basic background, training, and military position.

Keywords: Age, Job, Training, Chu Lia, Stationed, Maintenance, Fort Eustis, Virginia, Fly,

00:01:05 - Helicopter battles

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Partial Transcript: Did you go up and fight; actually fight from the helicopters or anything?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about being shot at in a helicopter and others who were shot at. Then he explains a trick they had used to draw fire.

Keywords: Fighting, Shot Down, Shooting, Pilots, Gaurd, Draw Fire,

00:02:49 - Vietnam Civilians/My Lai Massacre

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Partial Transcript: Did you see any of the people from around there? How they were reacting to the war and everything?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about how the Vietnamese reacted to the war as though it were an everyday occurrence and then about the My Lai Massacre.

Keywords: Work, Fields, Civilian deaths, Casualties, My Lai Massacre, Investigation,

Subjects: My Lai Massacre, Investigation

00:03:47 - Food

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Partial Transcript: What kind of food did you have?

Segment Synopsis: Soldiers had to stay on base which was a lot like its own little town.

Keywords: Mess Hall, On Base, Hospital, Theaters, Bars,

Subjects: On Base

00:04:41 - Home reactions and thoughts on the government's actions

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Partial Transcript: Did you know how people were reacting at home?

Segment Synopsis: As far as he knew everyone in the states just wanted the war over with and get the soldiers back home. Thinks the government went about the war all wrong

Keywords: Home, Government, Airplanes

00:06:36 - Pay and Work

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Partial Transcript: How much did you get paid while you were down there?

Segment Synopsis: He talks about what he did with his pay and what others did. He touches on some of the horsing around that happened on base then a little about the woman who helped clean and her wage.

Keywords: Pay, Money, Cards, Home, Clubs, Spend, Hours, Day, Night, Maid

00:09:31 - Air Raids

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Partial Transcript: Was there ever any air raids on you guys?

Segment Synopsis: Usually rocket attacks once a month that almost never hit base.

Keywords: Raids, Rocketts, Attack, Weapons, Gaurd, Bunker line,

00:11:06 - Helicopter Explosion Mid-Air

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Partial Transcript: What was like the worst thing that you saw that happened up there?

Keywords: Helicopter, Fire,

00:11:40 - Drugs and Alcohol

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Partial Transcript: Were there any kind of like medical problems like with drugs,er, what kind of drugs?

Segment Synopsis: Drugs and alcohol were everywhere, cheap, and easy to access. It was a problem that the government acknowledges but does nothing about.

Keywords: Drugs, Hooch Maids, Cheap, Alcohol, Problems, Drunk, Beer

00:12:26 - Women

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Partial Transcript: Where there a lot of women? Did you have women on your base and stuff?

Segment Synopsis: Girls were around, they worked, but they generally kept to themselves.

Keywords: Clubs, Worked, Girls,

00:13:16 - Mail

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Partial Transcript: How often did your mail come?

Segment Synopsis: Mail came every day. His girlfriend belonged to a sorority and they all wrote so he would pass the letters to other guys. Most people always got mail. He also got some alcohol hidden in his mail from home.

Keywords: Mail, Daily, Noon, UNO, Girlfriend, Sorority, Letters, Delay, Care packages, Cookies, Peppermint Shnapps,

00:15:10 - Leave

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Partial Transcript: Did you get to, like, come home for holidays or Christmas?

Segment Synopsis: Talks about the options to leave base but there was no holiday time off.

Keywords: R and R, Rest and Relaxation, Rape and Rampage, Leave, Town

00:16:40 - War's End

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Partial Transcript: Where you still there when the war ended?

Segment Synopsis: He wasn't there but he heard it had gotten rough.

Keywords: Germany, Rocket attacks

00:17:09 - Thoughts on the War

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Partial Transcript: Do you think we should have stayed in the war?

Segment Synopsis: He thinks Nixon sold the Vietnamese out when they were willing to keep fighting but they were let down. A lot of lives were lost for nothing.

Keywords: Nixon, Sold out, Hard workers, Korea, Loss

Subjects: Vietnam War, Nixon