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Omaha Folklore Project: Interview with Doris Richardson Findley

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00:00:01 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is Kathy Peacock, and I'm talking today to my grandmother...

00:00:23 - Family

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Partial Transcript: Mom, you were born in 1903, in rural Indiana. Can you tell me...

Segment Synopsis: Doris Findley talks about her parents and siblings, especially about the death of a brother due to diphtheria.

Keywords: Brother; Diphtheria; Father; Mother; Poor; Sister

00:02:28 - Wasted Wheat

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Partial Transcript: Well did you work at all, mom?

Segment Synopsis: Findley talks about high school, her early years of marriage, and the farm she and her husband rented.

Keywords: Board; Bushel; Farmer; Government; High School; Housekeeper; Rent; Russia; Shares; Weevil; Work

Subjects: Farm; School; Wheat

00:06:10 - Three Presidents

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Partial Transcript: Well, what did you think about Coolidge and his policies towards farmers?

Segment Synopsis: Findley briefly talks about the presidents and her political party.

Keywords: Baptist; Democrat; Farmer; Republican

Subjects: Coolidge; Hoover; Roosevelt

00:08:26 - World War I claims her Brother

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Partial Transcript: Well, Mom, can you tell me what you heard about World War I...

Segment Synopsis: Findley talks about her brother who had enlisted in WWI and the impact of that on her parents.

Keywords: Enlist; Father; Gas; Germany; League of Nations; Mail; Newspaper; United Nations

Subjects: Brother; World War I

00:12:34 - Prohibition

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Partial Transcript: Let's start out with prohibition. How did you feel about it?

Segment Synopsis: Findley talks about prohibition and her opinions on drinking and alcohol.

Keywords: Crime; Depression; Drink; Liquor; Men; Money; Police; Prison; Prohibition; Roosevelt; Sister; Tax; Women

00:15:13 - Women's Suffrage In Style

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Partial Transcript: You were 17 in 1920, which was the year that women got the right to vote...

Segment Synopsis: Findley talks about women in general. Women in politics, in the home, and the style of the day.

Keywords: Children; Dresses; Family; Flapper Dress; Hair; Home; Nursing Home; Politic; Slack Suit; Style; Vote; Women; bob

Subjects: Dress; Suffrage

00:23:05 - Stocks and Unions

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Partial Transcript: Mom, in the 20's everybody was buying stocks and buying...

Segment Synopsis: Findley talks about the Stock Market Crash and how a neighbor had lost a lot of money. She also talks about how she supports unions but they seem a little communist.

Keywords: Bonds; Coal Miner; Communist; Debt; Deed; Farm; Farming; Labor; Lost; Margin; Money; Pay; Stock Market Crash; Stocks

Subjects: Deed; Stock; Union

00:29:03 - Survival on the Farm

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Partial Transcript: Did you have any farm machinery then?

Segment Synopsis: Findley talks about what they had on the farm and the kind of farm life struggles they went through during the Depression.

Keywords: Bank; Bushel; Check; Chicken; Coal; Electricity; FDR; Feed; Ford; Fuel; Government; Hog; Horses; Ice Box; Money; Oil; Potato; Refrigerator; Roosevelt; Tax; Tractor

Subjects: Depression; Farm

00:37:32 - No Farm Animals are Hidden in the Woods

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Partial Transcript: Now when his agencies first come out, all of his ABC agencies...

Segment Synopsis: Findley talks about the programs that were set up to help people and the economy.

Keywords: ABC; Bread Lines; CCC; Earn; Hogs; Money; NRA; Pig; Relief; Soup Lines; Tramps; WPA; Wage

Subjects: Agricultural Adjustment Act; Work

00:43:50 - Banks and Social Security

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Partial Transcript: Well, you mentioned a little bit ago about when the banks closed...

Segment Synopsis: Findley says that the bank closings were a scary time but Social Security proved to be very useful. She also talks about how she had admired Eleanor Roosevelt.

Keywords: Close; Dr. Townsend; Eleanor; FDR; Fail; Fireside Chats; Huey Long; President; Radio; Savings

Subjects: Bank; Social Security

00:50:32 - Heroes and Villians

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Partial Transcript: What about that priest, Father Coughlin?

Segment Synopsis: Findley talks about a couple of famous people she enjoyed and a couple of villains.

Keywords: Bing Crosby; Dillinger; Ku Klux Klan; Shirley Temple; Upton Sinclair; Will Rogers

Subjects: Hero

00:54:31 - Ice Cream Entertainment

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Partial Transcript: Well what did you do for entertainment when you couldn't go to the movies and stuff.

Segment Synopsis: Findley talks about her busy Sundays of entertainment.

Keywords: Celebration; Dinner; Fourth of July; Ice Cream; Sunday; Visit

Subjects: Entertainment

00:55:57 - Pearl Harbor

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Partial Transcript: Mom I just got two questions for ya left...

Segment Synopsis: Findley remembers the fear that the news of Pearl Harbor brought.

Keywords: China; Church; Europe; Farm; Japan; Navy; Pearl Harbor; Radio; War; Washington

Subjects: War