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LGBTQ+ Voices: Interview with Borin Chep

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00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:33 - Birthplace and childhood community 00:01:04 - Moving to Long Beach, California 00:02:03 - Family structure 00:02:22 - Memories of Long Beach, growing up in poverty, homelessness

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Segment Synopsis: 5:43: Realization that he was homeless, acceptance

00:07:26 - Growing up in a tight-knit Cambodian community 00:08:02 - Violence

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Segment Synopsis: 8:03: Exposure to gang violence, death; 10:07: Preparing for violence; 11:57: Moving from Long Beach to Kansas City, Missouri to escape abusive stepfather

00:14:49 - Grade school

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Segment Synopsis: 14:49: Functioning at school, learning to read from Final Fantasy video games; 17:24: Being at inner-city school, growing up in Crip neighborhood

00:18:17 - Parents and refugee status

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Segment Synopsis: 18:17: Biological father leaving family, meeting father as adult; 21:04: Parents' refugee status, fleeing Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime; 23:18: Christian Cambodian community in Kansas City, being forced to convert; 26:32: Mother's silence on life in Cambodia, finding out more from biological father; 27:19: Being named after his uncle who died in Cambodia; 29:44: Cambodian community creating their own family trees

00:31:43 - Impact of childhood homelessness on adulthood 00:34:32 - Neighborhood and meeting best friend in Kansas City 00:37:41 - Poor treatment by other Cambodian families and mother

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Segment Synopsis: 37:41: Poor treatment by other Cambodian families, mother's schizophrenia diagnosis; 39:53: Mother's schizophrenic episode, being left alone for months; 45:33: Mother not speaking English, translating for her

00:49:26 - Middle and high school

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Segment Synopsis: 49:26: Turning into "bad kid" in 7th grade, becoming hyper-masculine; 51:22: Coming into queer identity in high school; 54:16: Hypermasculinity and the Bear community; 55:40: Coming out to friend, friend finding pornography on computer; 1:00:08: Senior year of high school, experiencing lots of change

01:00:41 - Coming out, identities, and racism

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Segment Synopsis: 1:00:42: Coming out to mother, her reaction; 1:02:17: Discovering queer identity through pornography; 1:04:32: Older sister's queer, non-binary identity; 1:06:27: Intersection of gay and Asian identity, being fetishized by white men, internalized racism; 1:09:03: Racism in pornography, fetishization of Asian men; 1:10:52: Relationships with white men

01:11:49 - College and moving to Omaha

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Segment Synopsis: 1:11:49: University of Missouri - Kansas City; 1:15:49: Meeting husband John on OkCupid, moving to Omaha in 2009; 1:17:45: Taking classes at Metropolitan Community College; 1:20:14: Joining Metro's LGBTQIA+ club, Spectrum; 1:23:04: Joining Gender and Sexual Orientation Student Agency at UNO; 1:24:14: Becoming Director of GSO, starting Lez Bi Real Queer; 1:28:47: Changes for LGBTQ+ students at UNO, Omaha World Herald article; 1:33:47: Graduating with Bachelor's, Master's, future plans; 1:36:33: Coming out to students, acceptance from students; 1:39:25: Being the only openly queer faculty member in Communications department

01:40:33 - Family

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Segment Synopsis: 1:40:42: Current relationship with family; 1:44:41: Finding biological father

01:58:12 - Impact of Trump administration, long-term consequences 02:08:21 - Reflection questions