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Reflections in Time: Interview with Robert (Bob) Reilly, 1987

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3:01 - Early childhood. 3:14 - Attended Lowell Catholic High School in Lowell, MA; graduated with author Jack Kerouac, television personality Ed McMahon and comedian Raymond “Ray” Goulding. 3:38 - Attended Creighton University in 1940. 4:09 - Enlisted in the army in 1942. 4:20 - Listed family members as a young child. 4:32 - Anniversary of the 78th Infantry Division, World War II. 5:05 - One of two prisoners that survived a bombing of a building in a German POW camp. 7:55 - Described his article: “Does God have a plan for me?” 9:10 - Discussed his rescue during World War II from a POW camp in Braunschweig, Germany. 10:25 - Met his fiancée at a church choir in Omaha; discussed the MIA notice she received when he was captured during World War II. 13:25 - Marriage proposal and plans for his wedding. 14:13 - Earned his graduate degrees from Boston University. 14:50 - He was hired by an ad agency after being discharged from the military; described staff. 17:05 - Described the ad accounts he worked on at the agency. 18:40 - Dog mattress ad campaign. 20:05 - Returned to Omaha after he became disillusioned with advertising. 21:10 - Knocked an industrial fan out of a window almost hitting a window washer. 23:24 - Hired by Creighton University; discussed his different jobs. 24:00 - Hired by Omaha Channel 6 (WOWT) to introduce children's movies as an Irish pirate. 24:30 - Hired by Omaha Channel 7 (KETV) to introduce movies for the Casey Jones show. 24:45 - He was part of a television show with Omaha fashion icon Nancy Bounds, Omaha City Council member Betty Abbott, and Creighton University Professor Ed Corbett. 25:42 - The evolution of the ad agency in which he was a partner. 27:00 - Duties as a writer for the ad agency. 28:12 - Decided in 1969 to seek a seat in the United States Congress. Lost a close contest in the primary election to John Hlavacek(1918-2015), who lost in the 1970 general election to John Y. McCollister (1921-2013). 30:45 - Lessons he learned from the 1970 election. 31:59 - Salary as a writer versus teaching at UNO. 32:32 - Why he wanted to teach. 33:20 - Favorite subjects to teach were writing and public relations. 34:20 - The joy of teaching. 34:40 - Recruited to UNO and hired by Communication Chair Hugh Cowdin to teach journalism. 35:00 - What he would change about academics. 36:05 - Listed family members who had been students at UNO. 36:59 - UNO provided older students with a chance to change their lives. 38:10 - Changes in student attitudes were based on society not academics. 38:55 - Discussed an article he wrote: “Are Catholic colleges Catholic?” 40:25 - How he developed an early interest in writing. 41:58 - He wrote his first book in 1954. 42:40 - Discussed his method for research and writing. 44:55 - Greatest reward from writing. 46:25 - Writing was all about self-discipline. 48:00 - Listed a variety of writing projects. 49:00 - Discussed the projects of which he was most proud. 50:35 - Discussed his health and future writing projects. 51:15 - The style of typewriter he used when writing. 52:22 - Words of advice for future writers. 55:40 - Most memorable moment was watching UNO grow and develop into a quality university.