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Reflections in Time: Interview with Del Weber, 1989

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00:02:20 - Born in Columbus, NE. Family history and childhood during the Great Depression. 00:03:45 - Everyone was poor economically; he was rich in family bonds. 00:05:45 - Family religious values. 00:07:15 - Family reunions. 00:07:50 - Father was employed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). 00:10:55 - Picking peaches as a young boy. 00:12:00 - His mother ran the house and kept everything together. 00:14:00 - Work ethic as a young boy. 00:15:15 - Elementary school in the third ward. 00:17:30 - College aspirations; how he chose Midland Lutheran College. 00:21:00 - Worked at the grain bins during college. 00:21:15 - Received a $200 scholarship as a delivery driver in the summer. 00:22:30 - He belonged to the local fraternity and debate club; meeting his wife, Lou Ann. 00:24:30 - Recruited by the counter intelligence unit when he volunteered during the Korean War. 00:28:29 - Howard Buffet at Omaha National Bank helped him acquire job interviews with Swift and Northwestern Bell. 00:29:10 - Potential sales position with Behlen Manufacturing in Columbus, NE. Decided that he really wanted to teach. 00:29:35 - His first teaching job as a high school principal paid $3,600 per year. 00:30:54 - He went back to school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a graduate assistant. 00:31:30 - He and Lou Ann lived in a Lincoln, NE, residential community called Huskerville. 00:31:55 - Earned a M.Ed. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 00:33:15 - Decided to work toward an Ed.D. at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 00:35:50 - The birth of his daughter cost $125.00; how he received the money. 00:37:05 - Hired in 1962 by Arizona State University. 00:39:45 - Harry Newborn (1st president of public television) becomes his mentor. 00:41:05 - Served as the Assistant to the President at Cleveland State University. 00:44:20 - Returned to Arizona State University as associate dean and dean. 00:48:00 - The move to Nebraska; how he accepted the position at UNO. 00:49:30 - Dale TeKolste from InterNorth was chair of the search committee for the next UNO Chancellor.