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American Indian Oral History: Interview with the Sioux Indian Board of Directors

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00:00:00 - Discussion on Funds

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Partial Transcript: - Alex Lunderman (AL) The Sioux Center has been a part of the Wounded Knee Support Committee ever since they moved from Lincoln to Council Bluffs for trials...

Segment Synopsis: The Board of Directors discusses how to allocate their funds to aid other American Indians.

Keywords: American Indians; Bills; Charity; Ogalala Tribe; Sioux Tribe; Wounded Knee; Wounded Knee 2; Wounded Knee Trials

00:12:54 - Wounded Knee Trials

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Partial Transcript: - (AL) ... all right, the tithes explained, the Wounded Knee (muffled speech) bake sales and Louie Mooncamp (muffled speech) or do you want to explain that?

Segment Synopsis: The Board of Directors discusses how they are going to help specific people that are being prosecuted in the Wounded Knee Trials

Keywords: Charles Scutter; Louie Mooncamp; Rapid City, South Dakota; Steven Greenberg; Wounded Knee 2; Wounded Knee Trials; Wounded Knee Two

00:25:38 - Indian Sovereignty; Community Gathering

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Partial Transcript: - Regina just came in. The black-ops come in (mumbles) and they dress more (mumbles)...

Segment Synopsis: The Sioux Indian Board discusses the idea of Indian Sovereignty and its relation to the Wounded Knee Trials. Toward the end of the segment, the community begins to gather for the playing of songs.

Keywords: Alcoholism; Ed Drivinghall; Judge Boe; Rosebud Reservation; Sioux Center; Sioux Nation

00:33:23 - Song 1

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Partial Transcript: - Find a seat down below. (mumbles)

Segment Synopsis: The first song of the performance is played.

Keywords: American Indian Music; Drumming; Song

00:41:52 - Song 2

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Partial Transcript: (dog barks)

(music plays)

Segment Synopsis: The second song of the performance at the Board of Directors meeting.

Keywords: American Indian Music; Drumming; Songs

00:47:32 - Song 3 (Birthday Dedication)

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Partial Transcript: - Hey everybody! Quiet! Quiet! I want to do bring your attention. I want to sing an honoring song
dedicated to my grandson who's birthday's today.

Segment Synopsis: The final song of the performance at the meeting is preformed and dedicated to one of the performer's grandson.

Keywords: American Indian Music; Birthday; Drumming; Songs