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Omaha Folklore Project: Interview with John W. Reickes

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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: - William H. Turner, Jr. (WH): Rieckes, age 75, Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department. 21 September, 1978.

- John W. Reickes (JR): Did you want the uh...

Segment Synopsis: William H. Turner states the information of his interviewee

Keywords: Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department; John W. Reickes

00:00:17 - Bellevue Fire Department History; Equipment History

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Partial Transcript: - (WH) You know, once, if you would, John. This is farms--

- (JR) I think we were at the WPA program.

Segment Synopsis: John describes the history of the Bellevue Fire Department and its ties to the Bellevue Water Department beginning after the completion of the WPA program. He describes the history of the equipment purchased and used by the department and how funds were raised to buy that equipment.

Keywords: American Red Cross; Bellevue Fire Department; Bellevue Water Department; Equipment; Mission High; Trucks

00:12:47 - Duties of the Firemen

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Partial Transcript: - (WH) Sure. Basically now, on these organizational charts, we show 'em down at the, I presume, before the merger.

Segment Synopsis: John describes the duties of the firemen, men on the team, the training of the men, and how they fought fires at the time.

Keywords: 1940s; Bellevue Fire Department; Constitution bylaws; Firefighters; Firemen; Foam; Fog

00:24:03 - Millard Lumber Company fire; Bellevue College gym fire; Communication Systems; Fireman insurance

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Partial Transcript: - (WH) So showed a picture of a fire, you know, you said it was the biggest fire you've had in Bellevue?

Segment Synopsis: Reickes talks about two of the biggest fires at that time (Millard Lumbar Company and the Bellevue College gym fire) and the process of learning about the fire. He also talks about the communication systems of the 1970's and insurance for the fireman.

Keywords: 1940s; 1970s; Bellevue College gym; Fire; Insurance; Millard Lumber Company; Plectron; Telephone operator; Voice Transmission

00:32:19 - Junior Patrols Bellevue Fire Department; Merger with the Eastern Sarpy Board

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Partial Transcript: - (WH) And the bylaws says you're limited to 20 members? How many do you have now?

Segment Synopsis: Reickes describes the junior patrols and their duties, and the merger between the Bellevue Fire Department and Eastern Sarpy District and the difficulties with it.

Keywords: 1970s; Bellevue Fire Department; Eastern Sarpy District; Junior patrols; Merger; Nebraska

00:39:17 - Bellevue Fire Department Buildings; WPA Projects

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Partial Transcript: - (WH) The first old building, I've been unable to find a piece of paper on that. What's the city--

Segment Synopsis: Turner asks about the original Bellevue Fire Department building. Turner and Reickes also discuss the WPA projects done in Bellevue in the 1940's. Reickes specifically discusses his involvement in the various WPA projects and employment with the water plant.

Keywords: 1940s; Adobe hut; Bellevue Fire Department Building; Bellevue Nebraksa; Bellevue Water Plant; Blair Nebraska; CCC; Civilian Conservation Corps; WPA; WWII; Works Progress Administration; World War 2; World War II; World War Two