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Omaha Folklore Project: Interview with Willard Kentner

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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: - William H. Turner, Jr. (WT): An interview with Mr. Willard E. Kentner, Former resident of Bellevue

Segment Synopsis: Turner introduces his interview and interviewee and Kentner gives a little background on himself.

Keywords: Bellevue, Nebraska; Education; Farming

00:02:01 - Young Life in Bellevue

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Partial Transcript: - (WT) What was here in Bellevue at that time?

Segment Synopsis: Kentner talks about being born in Bellevue in 1913, World War I, and entertainment as a child and young adult.

Keywords: Baseball; Bellevue, Nebraska; Boys Town, Nebraska; WWI; World War 1; World War I

00:09:49 - Bellevue Community and Buildings; Flood of 1932

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Partial Transcript: - (WT) Did you know anybody that was with the Bellevue Fire Department, the volunteer fire department?

Segment Synopsis: Kentner talks about various elements of the Bellevue community, including the fire and police department, Bellevue College, the Community Center, the Orchestra, and prominent community members. He also tells a few stories about the flood of 1932.

Keywords: Bellevue College; Bellevue Fire Department; Bellevue Police Department; Bellevue, Nebraska; Flood

00:20:50 - Kentner's Home; Transportation; Farming

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Partial Transcript: - (WT) What kind of a house did you live in?

Segment Synopsis: Kentner talks about the home he used to live in and why he eventually left Bellevue for Iowa: the bad roads. He also discusses the cars he had and farming equipment that he used when in Bellevue, and he tells a few stories of farming and going to school.

Keywords: Bellevue, Nebraska; Farming; Farming Equipment; Fresno Scraper; Steam Threshing; Transportation

00:31:46 - Cars; Bellevue Businesses; Storms; Building

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Partial Transcript: - (WT) You had mentioned the streetcar between Omaha and Bellevue.

Keywords: Bellevue, Nebraska; Gas Station; Henningson Hill; Storms; Tornado