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American Indian Oral History: Interview with Al Fast Horse

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00:00:08 - No Ceremony is the Same

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Partial Transcript: Okay, um, you can go into depth on some of these on the ceremony...

Segment Synopsis: The reason as to why no ceremony is the same is being discussed.

Keywords: Ceremony; Guide; Preparation; Religious

00:02:01 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: I'm gonna get your name and everything on the tape here...

Keywords: Brule Tribe; Rosebud; Sioux

00:03:03 - Learning the Lakota Traditions

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Partial Transcript: I think you mentioned in the article a bit more, that your grandfather...

Segment Synopsis: Al Fast Horse describes the years of teaching that goes into a child at an early age to learn the Lakota ways.

Keywords: Chief; Child; Chosen; Crazy Horse; Education; Family; Four; Holy Man; Lakota; Learn; Medicine Man; Share; Wisdom; Wise

00:08:57 - Competition does not mean to Destroy

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Partial Transcript: So uh... that was a cause of a lot of problem, earlier when the...

Segment Synopsis: Al Fast Horse discusses his views on competition between cultures and how an education that is not forced would help.

Keywords: American Society; Change; Compitition; Land; Understand

00:11:47 - Medicine Hat Horse

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Partial Transcript: When did the Lakota first use the Medicine Barb horses?

Segment Synopsis: Al Fast Horse talks about the Horse Dance and time nearing the end of his search for the Medicine Hat Horse.

Keywords: Ceremony; Four Nations; Horse Dance; Indian; Indian Barb; Marking; Medicine Barb Horses; Medicine Hat Horse; Sioux; Spain; Spanish Barb Horses; Vision; Waterloo, Nebraska

00:27:08 - The Broken Sacred Circle

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Partial Transcript: You said in the Morris article, that you hoped that the horse dance....

Segment Synopsis: Al Fast Horse talks about Wounded Knee and getting back to Native American traditions.

Keywords: Battle; Broken; Ceremony; Control; Ghost Dance; Massacre; Sacred Circle; Surrender; Wounded Knee

00:34:40 - Organizations and Peace

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Partial Transcript: Do you think the uh, organizations, the uh National congress of American Indians....

Segment Synopsis: They discuss how organizations don't help the Native Americans because tribes need to be viewed on an individual basis. Al Fast Horse talks about the Indian way in this society and the need for everyone to make adjustments.

Keywords: AIM; Individual; Legislation; Organization

00:39:38 - Director of the Tri-Area Indian Urban House Center

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Partial Transcript: Correct me if this is the wrong title, this Head of the Tri-Area Indian Urban House Center, Is that?

Segment Synopsis: Al Fast Horse talks about his organization and how he came to be the director of it.

Keywords: Bylaws; Creighton; Director; Indians; Omaha; Organization; Reservation; Social Worker

00:42:37 - Population Rise and Fall in Omaha

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Partial Transcript: What would you say is the Indian population in Omaha?

Segment Synopsis: They briefly talk about the population of Indians in Omaha and how the job market might be causing the population change.

Keywords: Decrease; Increase; Job; Job Market; Omaha

00:44:23 - Organizations helping Organizations

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Partial Transcript: Um, you were talking about the problems, the health problems...

Segment Synopsis: Al Fast Horse feels that there are services that collect funds that never reach the Indian people. He also feels that the services from all the organizations could help each other.

Keywords: Alcohol; America; BIA; Care; Clinic; Creighton; Foundation; Funds; HEW; Health; Hospital; Indian Health Service; Mental Health; Money; Omaha; Organization; Resident; Sioux; Urban Health Program; Washington; Winnebago