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Omaha Folklore Project: Interview with Herman August Eggert

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00:00:05 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: This is an interview with Mr. Herman Eggert...

00:01:05 - Parents

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Partial Transcript: Herman I understand that your parents were immigrants to the United States.

Segment Synopsis: Herman Eggert talks about his parents and their history.

Keywords: Emigrate; Farm; Farming; Father; Germany; Great Migration; Home; House; Mother; Tree

00:06:00 - Sisters' Death and School

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Partial Transcript: When were you born, Herman?

Segment Synopsis: Eggert talks about the death of a sister and then moves on to his schooling.

Keywords: 1894; Concordia Seminary; Death; School; Sister

00:08:51 - Baseball

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Partial Transcript: I got interested in baseball...

Segment Synopsis: Eggert talks about his baseball years even in his Army service years.

Keywords: Airplane; Brothers; Calisthenics; Coveleski; Football; Galloping Ghost; Glaser; Guy Morton; Kaufmann; Northwest League; Professional; Red Grange; Semi-Pro; Stueland; Tex Jones; Vancouver; Wright

00:15:43 - Minorities in Baseball

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Partial Transcript: I understand that blacks were very much discriminated against...

Segment Synopsis: Eggert talks about minorities in baseball.

Keywords: Brooklyn Dodgers; Jackie Robinson

00:17:15 - Religion

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Partial Transcript: How were the key decisions made in your parents' family?

Segment Synopsis: Eggert begins discussing his family and their religion and then continues talking about the impact of religion throughout his life.

Keywords: Child; Church; Congregation; Depression; Drought; Fair; Family; Lutheran Laymen's League; Mother; Parents; Parochial School; Pastor; Religion; Sing; Spiritual

00:30:33 - More to Fear from Moral Decay

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Partial Transcript: You were talking about people not having very much money...

Segment Synopsis: Eggert says his family did not suffer during the depression and fears that the moral deterioration in the nation is a greater danger.

Keywords: Clothes; Divorce; Family; Food; Hollywood

00:33:41 - Entertainment

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Partial Transcript: What sort of entertainment did you have as a youngster...

Segment Synopsis: Eggert says he always found something to do and lists of some things he did for fun.

Keywords: Bible Study; Choirs; Hay Rack Rides; Parties; Roller Skating; Sang; Skating; Sleigh Rides

00:34:47 - Marriage

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Partial Transcript: Where did you meet your wife?

Segment Synopsis: Eggert talks about his wife and their life together.

Keywords: Baptism; Children; Custom; Farming; Lyons; Married; Marry; Parents; School; Seattle; Sponsor; Wife

00:40:08 - Education and Careers

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Partial Transcript: Going back to the time when you attended school in Concordia in Seward Nebraska...

Segment Synopsis: Eggert talks more about what his brothers and sisters went on to do after high school.

Keywords: Brother; Buick; Car; Civil Service; College; Farmer; Plumber; Salesman; Service; Sister; Train; Travel; Tuition; War

00:44:06 - Technology

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Partial Transcript: Did you have radio and television?

Segment Synopsis: Eggert talks a little about radio and television then talks more about refrigeration.

Keywords: Cellar; Ice Refrigeration; Ice Saw; Ice Shed; Pit; Radio; Refrigeration; Sawdust; Television

00:46:55 - Child's Life on the Farm

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Partial Transcript: What were the daily routines when you were living with your parents?

Segment Synopsis: Eggert talks about some of the chores they had to do on the farm, especially, in the winter when it came to chopping wood.

Keywords: Axe; Bicycle; Buzzsaw; Charley Horses; Chopping; Chores; Lessons; Played; Shovel; Steam Tractor; Tractor; Winter; Wood

00:50:05 - Economics of Farming

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Partial Transcript: Now did you purchase the farm from your father?

Segment Synopsis: Eggert talks about borrowing money from a bank and prices during the Depression.

Keywords: Cattle; Farm; Grain; Horse; Interest; Lender; Loan; Middle Class; Money; Poultry

00:52:56 - Union, Hoover, and Roosevelt

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Partial Transcript: Did you belong to a Union at all during those years?

Segment Synopsis: Eggert briefly gives his thoughts on the Union and the presidents of the Depression.

Keywords: Bank; Consumer; Hoover; Insurance; Roosevelt; Union; Worker

00:56:01 - Religion, Community, and Gratitude

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Partial Transcript: Did you feel that religion played any major role...

Segment Synopsis: Eggert feels a lot of gratitude as he looks back on his life and the town.

Keywords: Bank; Belief; Care; Christian; Clothing Store; Compassion; Dentist; Doctor; Friend; Grocery Store; Neighbor; Pool Hall; Tavern; Trees

00:59:46 - Labor for Veterans

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Partial Transcript: What made you decide to leave Lyons and move to Fremont, Nebraska?

Segment Synopsis: Eggert talks about his years as a Veteran's Employment Representative.

Keywords: Civil Service; Department of Labor; Deploy; Employer; Housing; Jobs; Labor Department; Retirement; Train; Vetran; Vetrans Employment Representative

01:05:05 - Farm and City

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Partial Transcript: Could you contrast the city life with farm life?

Segment Synopsis: A brief thought on farm life and city life

Keywords: Baseball; City; Farm; Life; Sleep

01:06:27 - Travel comes to an Abrupt Stop

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Partial Transcript: Have you had the opportunity for travels during your life?

Segment Synopsis: A brief list of places traveled.

Keywords: Church; Europe; Mission; Seattle; United States