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Omaha Folklore Project: Interview with Julia (Inga) Eberhart

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00:00:00 - Introduction

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Partial Transcript: [William] Taped interview with Mrs. Julia Eberhart, senior citizen, Bellevue, Nebraska, 22 February, 1979, by William Turner

Segment Synopsis: William Turner introduces hes interviewee.

Keywords: Bellevue, Nebraska

00:00:14 - Life in Bellevue

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Partial Transcript: - [Julia] As the young, course I had to be the youngest,

Keywords: Bellevue College; Bellevue, Nebraska; John Trent; Mission High; Mission School; Movies; Oscar Kaiser

00:14:10 - Prominent People, Automobiles, and Bellevue Buildings

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Partial Transcript: - [William] Do you remember the first mayor, the mayor of Bellevue?

Segment Synopsis: Eberhart talks about prominent members of the town, automobiles that she used and saw in her town, and the history of some buildings in Bellevue in the 1930's and 1940's, including the Bomber Plant, Hospital, Offut Air Base, and the Strategic Air Command (SAC). She also speaks about the Holly Roller and Presbyterian churches in town.

Keywords: Automobiles; Bellevue, Nebraska; Bomber Plant; Holly Roller Church; Hospital; Presbyterian Church; SAC; Strategic Air Comand; Streetcar; Transportation

00:27:35 - Personal Life; World Wars; Post Office

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Partial Transcript: - [William] Was your husband in World War I?

Segment Synopsis: Eberhart talks about her first and second husband and their jobs, the effects of the World Wars on Bellevue, and how the Post Office Functioned during that time, changing Postmasters with the change of the presidents.

Keywords: Post Office; SAC; Strategic Air Command; WW1; WWI; WWII; World War 1; World War 2; World War II; World War One

00:33:59 - Domestic life; Doctors

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Partial Transcript: - [William] So far everyone we've interviewed has been male,

Segment Synopsis: Eberhart talks about the domestic side of life in early Bellevue. She mentions the wood stove that her family had and describes the type of food that they ate. She also tells the story of her husband shooting his arm off and talks about the doctor in town at the time.

Keywords: Bellevue, Nebraska; Food; General Store; REO Truck; Sewing; Wood Stove