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UNO Criss Library Cafe Closed 

Maintenance activities are planned for the website ( on Friday, January 30th. Beginning at 5 p.m. Central Time, content and services may be intermittently unavailable for up to four hours. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


UNO Criss Library Cafe Closed Many Faces of Neurofibromatosis Exhibit January 10 - February 19

Many Faces of NF - Portraits of Neurofibromatosis Exhibit
Artist Rachel Mindrup
UNO Criss Library
Osborne Family Gallery
January 10 - February 19


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Database Trials

Visible Body

Criss Library is conducting a trial of Visible Body Atlas February 1, 2015 through February 28, 2015. Visible Body®'s 3D anatomical models of the human body make learning and teaching anatomy and physiology visual and engaging. This trial includes Muscle Premium: 600+ muscles, 200+ bones, peripheral nerves, and ligaments all rendered in interactive 3D, as well as dozens of interactive muscle action animations. Functionality that allows you to rotate, zoom in/out, pan, hide, and add structures to see the anatomy from any angle. Customize and save views. Dozens of quizzes to test your knowledge. Skeleton Premium: 800+ bony landmarks detailed on 3D bone models, that can be rotated, zoomed, customized, and saved to, a personal library, 3D models of bone tissue, moving 3D models of synovial joints, and animations and illustrations that review pathologies andregional anatomy, a quiz bank with 500+ questions, bone, pronunciations, and more.

Visible Body Atlas

Skeleton Premium

Muscle Premium

To provide feedback regarding this product: Feedback Form
For further information, please contact the trial coordinator: Heidi Blackburn