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Criss Library is piloting extended hours for prep and finals week this semester. "We are pleased to offer students this additional time, said Steve Shorb, Dean of Libraries."  The library will stay open until 1 am Monday-Thursday during prep week and Sunday-Wednesday during finals week to allow UNO students additional research and study hours. Extended library dates are:

  • Monday-Thursday, April 28-May 1                7 am-1 am
  • Sunday, May 4:                                               Noon-1 am
  • Monday-Wednesday, May 5-7:                      7 am-1 am      
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The BBC Monitoring Service tracks "more than 3,000 radio, television, press, internet and news agency sources in over 150 countries to inform the BBC's distinctive, authoritative and reliable reporting of political and economic news.  Articles are selected from traditional and new media worldwide, with over one hundred source languages being translated into English to provide a fully searchable digital current affairs resource."


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