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Criss Library is extending hours for prep and finals week this semester. "We are pleased to offer students this additional time", said Dave Richards, Dean of Library Services. The library will stay open until 1:00am Monday-Thursday during prep week, and Sunday-Thursday during finals week to allow UNO students additional research and study hours.

Extended hours dates are:

  • Monday-Thursday, April 25-28: 7:00am-1:00am
  • Sunday, May 1: Noon-1:00am
  • Monday-Wednesday, May 2-4: 7:00am-1:00am

The latest issue of the newsletter,Criss Chronicles, is now available!

The Criss Library's Creative Production Lab is now offering "mini" 3D Printing. Using our new SLA resin printer, watch your small 3D models print at a higher level of detail.

Resin printing costs $.20/mL, while standard plastic printing is still just $.15/gram.

Stop by to see how you can get printing, or go to the 3D Printing Page.

On display on the first floor of Criss Library is the new exhibit, "The Architectural Studies of H. A. Raapke," featuring works produced during H. A. Raapke's student years, circa 1899-1907. Many of these drawings were part of his coursework for two schools in Paris: Altier Préparatoire D'Architecture and École Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

Sixteen of Raapke's original drawings are on display in the windows of the Archives and Special Collections area of Criss Library. The exhibit will run through the end of April 2016. All 59 extant drawings in the library's collection may be viewed in the Criss Library Online Exhibit space at

On display in Archives and Special Collections at Criss Library is Charles Timothy Hagel: A Life in Photographs, a biographical exhibit spanning the life of U.S. Secretary of Defense and U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel. A more in-depth version of the exhibit with some different photographs can be viewed online at:

This exhibit coincides with the opening of the first portion of the U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel Archives to the community. Researchers may now browse and search inventories of Hagel Photographs, Artifacts, Grant Files, and Schedules in the Archives and Speical Collections database at


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Reserve Guidelines and Submission Instructions

General Reserve Guidelines

  • Items in the both the traditional and electronic reserve system can be searched by instructor's name or course.
  • Journal articles are available on E-Reserves only, unless copyright cannot be secured for the electronic copy or the cost is prohibitive.
  • Lecture notes and test files are available as E-Reserves only and may be submitted in either electronic (via email or webform) or in print format.
  • The Library will not accept course packs for Reserves.
  • All materials will be removed from the traditional and electronic reserve system at the end of the semester. Faculty wishing to renew reserve materials must submit a request to renew materials before the end of the semester.
  • Faculty will receive a packet at the end of semester detailing their reserve item usage and cost of copyright fees paid by library on their behalf.
  • Access to electronic reserve materials is restricted to the instructor and students for each course and is password protected.
  • Items over ten pages in length may be separated into multiple .pdf files for ease of electronic access.

Submission of Request(s)

  • Faculty should submit a completed Reserve Request Form. There are separate web forms for Journal Articles and Books/Media. You may also download and print or email a pdf form for all material types.
  • Requests must include accompanying materials:
    • All personal materials should be included with the form at the time of request, or delivered to the library within one week within one week after the web form has been submitted.
    • Requests must include a class syllabus or statement of use submitted with the request form. Requests will not be processed until the class syllabus or statement of use is received.
      • Why do I have to submit a syllabus? See the FAQ.
      • Copyrighted materials submitted for Reserves must be required readings as specified in your course syllabus.
        • All requests that require payment of a copyright clearance fee must be submitted with a current syllabus.
      • Requests accompanied by a syllabus are given first priority in processing.
      • Syllabi do not have to be resubmitted if you add additional items later in the same semester.
  • Library staff are happy to pull the requested library materials provided that you submit full bibliographic citations.
  • Faculty are encouraged to submit all reserve materials prior to, or at the beginning of, the semester for which the materials will be required. Please allow at least 48 hours between the request time and when the students will be required to start using the material(s). Processing times may increase up to 5 working days during the peak processing periods at the start of the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Copyrighted materials should be submitted well in advance of the date they are needed. If copyright permission must be requested, it may take four to six weeks or longer to obtain and will affect item availability.
  • Articles downloaded from online databases will not be posted due to copyright restrictions. Library staff will provide a direct link to the article, when possible, or post a full citation, provided by the instructor, for the article and provide a link to the Research Database page on the Library's website.
  • Copies for E-Reserves must be on 8.5" x 11" paper and accompany the request form.

Copyright Guidelines

  • Materials that can be placed on electronic Reserve without obtaining copyright permission include:
    • Copyrighted material limited to
      • One article from a journal issue, For one semester only.
      • One chapter or less than 10% of the content from a book. For one semester only.
    • Non-copyrighted materials
      • Course materials owned by the instructor such as syllabi, lecture notes, or exams,
      • Government publications.
  • In compliance with copyright guidelines, Criss Library will obtain permission for copyrighted materials when:
    • An article is needed for more than one semester;
    • Multiple articles from the same journal are needed;
    • One chapter of a book is needed for more than one semester;
    • Multiple chapters of a book are needed;
  • Criss Library will pay all fees and royalties. However, the Library reserves the right to refuse any item for electronic reserves due to excessive copyright costs. Faculty will be notified promptly if this is the case.
  • All policies regarding payment of copyright fees are contingent on Library budget constraints and subject to change.
  • Electronic Reserve items that require copyright permission will not be posted until permission is secured.