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Diane's Natural Art, a selection of artwork by Diane Lee Stasiak on display July 8 through August 14, 2015 at University of Nebraska at Omaha Criss Library's Osborne Family Gallery.


Books are printed in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of the reader and the interests of the publisher. The small books in this display can provide a window into both, from the daily prayer book small enough for one’s pocket to the artist’s book utilizing a concertina style. The small and miniature books displayed date from 1685 to 2010 and include travel guides, individual titles from large sets, as well as small press and artists’ books. A few of the books are small enough to qualify as miniature books, that is, books smaller than 3 inches in size. The slip cases of selected titles are also displayed in Archives & Special Collections.


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Name Title Phone Email
Main Service Desk   (402) 554-3206 Contact
Allard, Diana Virtual Services Associate (402) 554-3203 Contact
Anderson, Todd Main Service Desk Supervisor (Day) (402) 554-3214 Contact

Batalkin, Alex Computer Systems & Support Manager (402) 554-3308 Contact
Bishop, Katie Research Services Director (402) 554-2992 Contact
Blackburn, Heidi STEM Librarian (402) 554-3211 Contact

Cast-Brede, Melissa Education and Reference Librarian (402) 554-3130 Contact
Chamley, Claire Reference Associate (402) 554-3638 Contact

Erlandson, Rene Virtual Services Director (402) 554-2144 Contact

Fenner, Matthew Patron Services Assistant (402) 554-2681 Contact

Gordon, Marc Building Services Manager (402) 554-3745 Contact

Hamilton, Cathy Virtual Services Associate (402) 554-3203 Contact

Johnson, Eleanor Social Sciences Librarian (402) 554-3207 Contact

Klug, Chris Government Documents Associate (402) 554-3202 Contact
Kozel, Melinda Creativity Library Manager (402) 554-3213 Contact
Kroeger, Angela Archives & Special Collections Associate (402) 554-4159 Contact
Kuskie, Jeff Electronic Resources Manager (402) 554-2363 Contact

LaCroix, Michael Interim Dean (402) 554-3208 Contact
Letheby, Sarah Patron Services Assistant (402) 554-3206 Contact

Maass, Brian Reference Librarian (402) 554-2138 Contact
Maher, Anna Building Services Assistant (402) 554-3745 Contact
Malnack, Beau Library Business Manager (402) 554-2916 Contact
McCurrin, Laine Course Reserves and Patron Services Assistant (402) 554-3206 Contact
Minkner, Jon Reference Associate (402) 554-3003 Contact

Nash, Bob Collection Development Librarian (402) 554-2884 Contact
Neujahr, Joyce Patron Services Director (402) 554-3607 Contact
Nitcher, Jonathan Interlibrary Loan Assistant (402) 554-3209 Contact

Reiners, Darby Hagel Fellow (402) 554-2496 Contact
Riviera, Linda Staff Secretary III (402) 554-2640 Contact
Rokisky, Emily Institutional Repository Coordinator (402) 554-2382 Contact

Schindler, Amy Archives and Special Collections Director (402) 554-6046 Contact
Schwartz, Lori Hagel Archivist (402) 554-2496 Contact
Shaw, Jim Documents Librarian (402) 554-2225 Contact
Simpson, Danielle Virtual Services Associate (402) 554-2410 Contact
Skarda, Jacqueline Creative Production Lab (CPL) Supervisor (402) 554-2542 Contact
Smith, Rob Main Service Desk Supervisor (Night) (402) 554-3214 Contact

Tuel, Kris Network Services Manager (402) 554-2451 Contact

Valentine, Les University Archivist (402) 554-2362 Contact

Wahab, Shaista Afghanistan Collection & International Studies Librarian (402) 554-2404 Contact
Walker, Kelly Archives & Special Collections Associate (402) 554-4030 Contact
Walters, Mark ILL Coordinator (402) 554-3209 Contact
Williams, Tyrome Building Services Assistant (402) 554-3745 Contact
Wright, Teonne Webmaster (402) 554-3122 Contact
Wyatt, Rich Patron Services Assistant (402) 554-3206 Contact