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“The Flyover States”, a  photography exhibition

“The Flyover States”, a photography exhibition by Eric Anderson & Evan Ludes is currently on display in the UNO Criss Library Gallery.  The exhibit features photography from across the Midwest, seeking to share the beauty of a region often overlooked. From starry skies to urban storms and landscapes, The Flyover States can help both coastal visitors as well as local residents appreciate the dynamic scenes found in the heartland. The photographs were shot by Eric Anderson and Evan Ludes between 2010 and 2014.  Featured states include Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming.


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“The Flyover States” Artist Bio
Evan Ludes is a photographer and graphic designer based out of Omaha, Nebraska.  He started photography in 2007 and has continued to expand his craft since. When he’s not working on freelance design, he can often be found driving towards thunderstorms and scouring eastern Nebraska for new photo locations. While his favorite subjects to shoot are dark storms and starry skies, he’ll shoot anything from weddings to sports photography. Evan’s photos have received recognition in print and on air, including an interview with The Weather Channel and publication in the 35th Annual College Photo Contest book. His work can be found in several galleries in the Omaha area as well as online at

"Eric is a severe weather, landscape, astro and time lapse photographer with a passion for the outdoors. Using Omaha, NE as home base, he chases storms all across the Midwest - from Colorado to Illinois and Oklahoma to Canada. His work has been seen in Time Magazine, Buzzfeed, the Associated Press, Gawker, The Weather Channel, The Omaha World-Herald and more. When not out taking photos Eric enjoys golfing and going back to his home town of Lyons, NE to help his parents on the farm. To see more of his work visit"

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The Flyover State

Criss Library Osborne Family Gallery Exhibit
“The Flyover States”, a photography exhibition by Eric Anderson & Evan Ludes is currently on display in the UNO Criss Library Gallery.   

“The Flyover States” is an artistic collaboration between UNO students Eric Anderson and Evan Ludes. Through their photography and timelapse videos, they seek to showcase the subtle beauty of the Midwest.  While some simply consider the Midwest to be “flyover country”, it is full of countless wonders of nature and life. From sprawling cities like Omaha, Nebraska to the desolate darkness of the badlands of South Dakota, Eric and Evan wish to share the beauty of the region with those who have yet to witness its true character. Whether you’re a visitor from the coast or consider the Midwest to be your own backyard, we hope that “The Flyover States” opens your eyes to the majesty of The Great Plains and beyond.

Opening Reception
Please join the photographers, Eric Anderson and Evan Ludes, for an opening reception at 1 pm on Sunday, March 8. 

Refreshments will be served


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